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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Kytlym

The Konzhakovskiy ridge

Конжаковский хребет
Конжаковский хребет
Конжаковский хребет
The Konzhakovskiy ridge includes mountains Trapeze (1253 m), South Iov (1311 m), Northern Iov (1263 m), Konzhakovskiy Kamen, (1569 m), Tylaiskiy stone (1471 m), Ostraya Kosva (1403 m), Iovskoye plateau, a series of sinks, crystal clear river Konzhakovka and the meadow of painters.

Mountain Konzhakovskiy Kamen is one of the highest mountain peaks of Kralskiye mountains, 1569 m above sea level, formed by pyroxenites, dunites and gabbro. In the lower part the slopes are covered with coniferous forests. Higher taiga is replaced by tundra. From a height of 900 and 1000 m begins area of mountain tundra with stone field. On top of the stone, even in summer snow.

From the bottom to the top of Konzhakovskiy Kamen stretches «marfonka» — marathon trail with kilometer markup (the length of one side — 21 km). There and back is obtained marathon.

Annually on the first Saturday of July, beginning in 1996, the international mountain marathon «Konzhak» take place there. It ranks first in the rating of Russian marathons and is the most popular in Russia, bringing together more than a thousand participants from all over the world.

There are also Iovskoye plateau with the height of up to 1,100 — 1,200 m with the lake (water edge 1125 m), Iovskiy sink (Eastern slope of Iovskoye plateau) — rock descend steeply in the valley of river Poludnevaya, Tylaiskiy sink — the steep South-Western slope of the mountain Tylaiskiy Kamen and the meadow of painters in the forest in the valley of river Konzhakovka, popular tourist place for camping.

The region of «Konzhakovskiy Kamen» is popular not categorical hikes on «marafonka» to the top of Konzhakovskiy Kamen,it is possible to organize quite difficult mountain hikes, first and second category of complexity. In winter perion is popular to ski and snowboarding.

Categorical passes: pass Konzhakovskiy (Iovskiye gate, 1230 m), pass Iovskiy sink (1125 m), pass Iovskiy East (1150 m), pass Trapeze (1150 m), pass Katysherskiy North (1340 m), pass Tylaiskoye Sedlo (1360 m), and other

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