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The White Sea (previously called «Studyonoe») is one of the smallest seas washing the shores of Russia. Its surface area, together with multiple islands, the most famous of which are the Solovetsky Islands, amounts to 90,000 square kilometers.

The White Sea coast is filled with numerous bays and lips. Indeed, walking along the embankment, Severodvinsk residents can observe Dvina Bay, and Onega residents and guests can enjoy the view of Onega Bay. The Onega Bay has an especially favorable climate, rich in flora and fauna. The winter is fairly mild, but snowy. In summer, the waters warms up quite well, especially in the area around the Onega skerries, and in winter they are icebound.  

The therapeutic landscape of Onega Bay includes pine forests, clean air, beautiful sandy beaches, and curative muds. The flat sandy bottoms of Onega's White Sea beaches are perfect for swimming and other family leisure activities.

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