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Arkhangelsk Oblast , Lithuania

Malye Korely Museum

The museum was established on July 17, 1964. The Malye Korely Museum is a unique open-air collection of monuments of wooden architecture. The territory of the museum represents approximately 160 hectares divided into six sectors, each being a model of a settlement with the layout and buildings characteristic for that area. Currently, the Kargopolsko-Onezhskiy, Dvinskiy, Pinezhskiy, and Mezenskiy sectors are open to the public. A total of 120 buildings of various nature from the 16th to the early 20th century are assembled here: churches, chapels, bell towers, peasant farms, mills, and granaries.  The silence of demure northern nature is combined with the warmth of the old wooden walls of coastal dwellings and shrines.

The Malye Korely Museum collects and preserves the immaterial legacy of the Russian north. The Novitsia Folk-Ethnographic Theater performs here, as well as the masters of folk crafts. It is also here that people celebrate folk holidays like Maslenitsa, the Trinity festivities, and even Christmastide.

Besides the architectural and landscaping composition in the Malye Korely village, the museum also includes a shrine complex in Nenoksa village, the Nikolskaya Church in Lyavlya village, the mansion house of M.T. Kunitsyna, and the House of the Commercial Assembly (the so-called Marfin Dom) in Arkhangelsk.

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Phone number: (81-82) 20-41-64 (81-82) 20-41-64
Address: Arkhangelskaya Oblast, Malye Korely Village
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