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Arkhangelsk Oblast

Solovki State Historical, Architectural, and Natural Museum-Reserve

Соловецкий государственный историко-архитектурный и природный музей-заповедник
А. Анисимов , Официальный информационно-туристский портал Архангельской области

The Solovki State Historical, Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve is one of the largest museum reserves in Russia. It is located among the unique historical and cultural ensemble of the Solovki Islands and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The museum was created in 1967 as a branch of the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum. In 1974, it became independent.  Now it is one of the largest museum reserves in Russia.  The reserve contains more than 1000 items of cultural heritage ranging in age from the 5th millennium BC to the 20th century.

Several museum exhibits are located in the Solovki Kremlin.  The Underground Archaeology of Solovki exhibit in the Novobratsky building was created as a result of excavations. The exhibit depicts the construction stages of the buildings in the reserve. On display are ruined remnants of wooden monastic cells from the 16th century.  In the water mill building, visitors can see the Solovki Mill exhibition. On the first tier of the Sushila facility, a building for drying and storing grain, there is an exhibit on the monastery prison. The exhibits in the historical barracks building (1929) are dedicated to the history of Solovki Special Purpose Camp of 1923-1939.  There are two expositions on the Solovki Sacristy: the historical and cultural heritage of the Solovki Monastery and the Solovki Fortress.

The Solovki Hospitality Center and Museum-Reserve Information Center offer excursions to the islands of the Solovki archipelago. Apart from thematic excursions to Solovki, one can visit Sekirnaya Mountain and the Holy Ascension skete; take a boat ride along Solovki's small circular lake-channel system; or take a boat tour to Bolshoy Zayatsky Island and Bolshaya Muksalma Island. In total, dozens of excursions are available.

The Solovki Museum-Reserve is an international cultural, educational, and tourist center attracting thousands of travelers from around the world.

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Phone number: (818-35) 9-02-41, 9-02-81
Address: Archangelsk Oblast, Primorsky District, Solovetsky village

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