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Demidov’s Mansion

When strolling in the Bolshoj Tolmachevskiy Lane, you cannot pass through and not notice a gorgeous cast-iron fence with the elms, the cast bas-relieves and a forget grating of unique pattern. The skillful fence encircles building № 3 – the Demidov’s Mansion. The grating was made at the Demidov’s Niznij Tagil factory in the 1760s and moved here from Demidov’s Grand palace in Voznesenskaya Street. The main house with columns style of the 19th century hides behind this uncommonly beautiful and rich grating. After the Demidovs, the house belonged to Natalie Gonchrova’s (Pushkin’s wife) aunt E. I. Zagryazhskaya; later on it was transferred into the property of the Sologubs, and here was a well known in Moscow literature salon. In 1882-1917 it was a building of the 6th Boy’s Gymnasia, and starting from 1925 till now – one of the largest sectoral libraries of the world – the State Research Pedagogical Library named after K.D.Ushinsky.

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Address: 3 Bolshoy Tolmachevsky per.

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