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Tretyakovsky Passage

Третьяковский проезд
Московский туристический портал

The building complex Tretyakovsky Passage in Kitay-Gorod between Nikolskaya Street and Teatralny Proezd was built in the 1870s by the philanthropist Tretyakov brothers as the only trade street in Moscow created by private means.

Tretyakovsky Proezd connects Nikolskaya Street with Teatralny Proezd beginning under the arc of building 4 in Teatralny Proezd and ending at the arc between buildings 19 and 21 on Nikolskaya Street.  In Soviet times, Ivan Fedorov (first Russian pressman) monument was moved to the corner of the passage and Nikolskaya Street.

The passage was continued as a project of the architect A.C. Kaminsky under the support of the merchant-philanthropist Tretyakov brothers, Pavel Mikhailovich (1832-1898) and Sergey Mikhailovich (1834-1892).  The Tretyakovs built on the site of an earlier passage, created in the 19th century.

Beginning in the middle of the 1870s private shops and branches of major companies were housed in the buildings of Tretyakovsky Passage.  The commercial hall of William Gaby held a special place in the rows of Tretyakovsky Passage, who sold watches and jewelry in his shops in Nikolskaya and in Tretyakovsky Passage.

Continuing tradition, the modern Tretyakovsky Passage is full of shops and boutiques, and is one of the most expensive places for shopping in Moscow; at the same level as Stoleshnikov Pereulok.

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Address: Tretyakovsky Proezd

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