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Novgorod Oblast , Veliky Novgorod

Monument to the Millennium of the Russian Statehood

Памятник Тысячелетию России
Антон Каменский/
Памятник Тысячелетию России
Центр развития туризма «Красная Изба»
Памятник Тысячелетию России
Центр развития туризма «Красная Изба»

A monument dedicated to Russia’s 1000 year anniversary was commissioned to be built in Novgorod, thus returning focus to the city’s key role in the foundation of the Russian State. The unveiling ceremony took place on September 8th 1862; in attendance was Tsar Alexander II, his son and heir Alexander III, and other members of the Imperial House. During the few days of celebration, Novgorod regained its status as the central city of the Russian State. The shape of the monument resembles a bell or the royal hat of Vladimir Monomakh. Centuries of Russian history is depicted by important people and events.

The monument is crowned by a figure of an angel, personifying Orthodoxy, who is blessing a kneeling woman, symbolizing Russia. The middle tier consists of six groups of figures, each representing one of the stages of the developing Russian state; beginning with Rurik on the southern side and culminating with Peter the Great on the northern side. The third tier represents other important figures in Russian history; this is also divided into several groups.

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Address: The Kremlin, Veliky Novgorod

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