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Orenburg Oblast , Соль-Илецк

Lake Razval

Lake Razval formed in a place where a salt quarry near Tuz-Tube Mountain used to be. Translated fr om the Kazakh language, the name of the mountain means «the roof of salt». The steep western slope of the lake shore has an outcrop of rock salt — these are the remnants of Tuz-Tube Mountain. For centuries, a brine stream has been flowing through it, popularly known as Salty Tears.

Razval covers an area of 66,000 square meters and it is 15 meters deep, but diving there is no simple matter: Razval is a brine lake. The concentration of salt in the lake stands at 320-340 g/L, more than in the Dead Sea wh ere the salt concentration is 315 g/L. An immobile person would not sink in this water. The beach located on the eastern shore of the lake is also salty — the fine sand is mixed with salt. The western, northern and southern shores of Razval are rather steep; their height varies from 3 to 12 m.

Swimming in the lake is recommended to patients suffering from skin diseases as well as diseases of the internal organs and locomotor apparatus.

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Address: Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg Oblast

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