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Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug , Novyy Port

Merzlotnik (permafrost preserve) in Novyi Port Village

The «merzlotnik» in Novyi Port is the world's largest natural refrigerator:  caves cut in the permafrost extend to over a kilometer. This giant warehouse was created to store fish in the 1950s: it took «special settlers» ten years to cut it in the permafrost. The ice «coat» does not thaw even in summer, all year round the temperature inside is a stable minus 15-17 degrees Centigrade.

The «merzlotnik» consists of 200 artificial permafrost caves, with a total volume of 3,200 cubic meters. It has never been rennovated or reconstructed, so it remains in its original form. Since 2007, the «merzlotnik» has been under state protection as a monument but it still serves its original purpose as a place for storing valuable fish species caught in the Gulf of Ob: sturgeon, muksun, nelma,  and vendace.

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Address: Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Yamalskiy Region, Village Novyi Port

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