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Sakhalin Oblast

Kunashir Island

Kunashir Island (the name derives from Ainu word meaning “black island”) hosts sites that are of interest to the tourists, such as the caldera of Golovkin volcano with the Kipyashcheye (“boiling”) and Goryacheye (“hot”) Lakes, Tyatya (“daddy”) and Mendeleyev volcanoes, hydrothermal springs Goryachy Plyazh (“hot beach”), Doktorskiye (“doctor’s”) and Dobry Klyuch (“good water spring”) springs, and deposits of therapeutic muds in the vicinity of the Stolbchaty (“column”) Cape and Gulf of Izmena (“treason”). 

The coastal area of the Sea of Okhotsk near Alyokhin-Tretyakov and the Lagunnoye (“lagoon”) Lake are very suitable for diving, the Valentina Lake is good for adventure tourism, and the Serebryanoye (“silver”) Lake and rivers in the island’s southern part offer an opportunity for licensed fishing. Coastal areas of the Sea of Okhotsk (from Stolbchaty Cape to the Lagunnoye Lake) and Pacific ocean can be used for all types of touristic activities. The most beneficial climate conditions, the most beautiful, environmentally clean, pristine parts of nature, landscape diversity, exoticism, and uniqueness. In addition to the above, the area contains a multitude of sources of mineral waters, therapeutic muds and fumarole thermal springs that offer wide prospects of their implementation for treatment of cardiovascular, skin and other conditions. 

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