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The Republic of Ingushetia , SHoani

Tower Complex Shoan

Medieval tower complex Shoan located in the picturesque Shoanskiy gorge not far from the river Armkhi. There was 1 battle and 11 residential towers. As an all tower complexes in mountainous Ingushetia, on the second floor of the battle tower is vaulted doorway, and on the first floor - Bags - compartments for storage of agricultural supplies, as well as for the maintenance of prisoners. At a first glance Shoan reminds the swallows nest stuck to a steep cliff. According to the stories of old residents, in Shoan lived armourers, Girls were famous for weaving skills, the ability to embroider gold, silver, beads.

There is necropolis (Mohde) close to village, Shoanskoe sanctuary of the goddess of spring Tusholi, and on the east side Shoan two pillar-pagan sanctuary.

On the left bank of the river which separating Shoan into two parts, at the entrance to the shoanskoe gorge on a high slope is a cemetery of those distant times. Tombstones (Churtash) overgrown with green moss. According to old-timers, here is buried the last pagan priest Elmarz-Hadji Houtiev, which recognized as a saint in Ingushetia.

As is known before Islam, Ingushs prayed to power of nature, asked for help from a single pagan god - Dyaly.

Every nation writes in his history of outstanding personalities. Often in the course of time, they are overgrown with legends.

Elmarz-Hadji Hautiev was born In 1766 in village of Shoan. It was thought that the priest must be outwardly beautiful, with good health, as it serves as a mediator between God and men. That was Elmarz: beautiful, tall burly man with an extraordinary mind. He was careful with their appearance and health. Often repeated, sweet strengthens bones, - and ate the honey; fat gives strength - and moderately feasted smoked fat tail-year-old ram, dipped it in the tsu (oatmeal), or eating mutton cooked in milk. From drinks chose the cold spring water. Smoked favorite handset, with tobacco, which was donated by the neighbors Khevsurians. Over 80 years Elmarz Hadji Houtiev was the priest of the Shoanskiy gorge of the mountainous Ingushetia. In 1873 at the age of 107 years Khatiev adopt Islam. In 1905, a former priest made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

In 1908 at the age of 148 Elmarz made the second pilgrimage to Mecca. In Mecca, Sheikh Dzhamaleyl invites him to stay in his house. During the three months Elmarz and Dzhamaleyl with interest communicate with each other. Elmarz detailed study rules of Islam. In Mecca Elmars was healing the best Meccas doctors. Then by the order of Dzhamaleyla it able to take to the sea and put on a ship. Elmarz returned home peaceful. This wonderful man has lived lived 157 years.

Before his death, he bequeathed to his countrymen: “Take care of the mountains, do not leave them. Will you have the mountains, and be the plain”.

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