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Lipetsk Oblast , The Zadonsk

Preobrazhenskiy Convent of St. Tikhon

Свято-Тихоновский Преображенский женский монастырь
Сергей Белых

This monastery was turned into a convent only in 1993. Before the revolution it was a male monastery. This is where Tikhon Zadonskiy enjoyed nature and wrote one of his major works, «The Spiritual Treasure Collected in the World». It was reason enough for several monks to settle down here. Their number grew and soon there was a need to build a two-story building to accommodate the increasing amount of brethren. The foundation under the church served both as a kitchen and a refectory. The place started to be called the Tikhonovskiy monastery.

In 1872 the landowner Vasiliy Petrovich Voyekov visited.  Enchanted by this place and its setting, he established here a monastery in memory of Tikhon the Sanctifier. The landowner granted money to buy additional adjacent lands and donated his estate in Dankovskiy county to the monastery. The monastery also received the master house with all its annexes, a house church, and even domestic pets. Later the bell tower of the Preobrazhenskaya church was built, as well as infrastructure and, what is more important, the Russian-Byzantine-style Troitsky cathedral.

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Address: Lipetsk oblast, Zadonsk

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