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Sakhalin Oblast , Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Luagushka Mountain

Гора «Лягушка»
Гришанов Роман
On the premises of Vestochka settlement, 17 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, one of the most mysterious places in Russia, as the ufologists and esoterics believe — the rock mass Lyagushka (“frog”) — lies. On May 19, 1983, it was defined as a governmental geological natural monument of a regional significance full name of which was “Structurally renuded residual mountain Lyagushka”. Since 1995, the compound that included a number of adjacent areas was declared a preferential protected natural area. Within the natural monument, woodcutting, land ploughing, destruction and damage of soil-stabilizing vegetation, and extraction of loose and rocky soils are prohibited. Mushroom, berry and fern picking is allowed.  
Residual mountain Lyagushka is located on the southern slope of Gorbunov mountain and consists of a group of cliffs. The tallest and most massive three of them form the compound’s core. Viewed from the western and eastern sides, their silhouette reminds of a squatting frog ready to make a jump. 
Lyagushka cliff is a part of a ridge of rocks lined up similarly to the Solar system planets. A while ago, it was a bottom of an ancient sea and fossilized shells can be found in its neighborhood. The mountain top commands spectacular views over Aniva Bay, Tunaicha and Izmenchivoye Lakes. 
The start of the area survey dates back to the 1980s. The first researchers were geologists and a group of psychics from “Sakhalin Ufology Center”. Ever since then, the area near Vestochka settlement is considered the “Place of Power” and the focus of public attention and variously aimed studies. The bizarre-shaped stone masses are recognized as a natural monument and declared a preferential protected natural area. The massif is located 3 km from Vestochka settlement on the southern slope of Gorbunov mountain. It covers 12 ha of the area. The outline of the deteriorating cliffs remind of a frog sitting on a hummock. 
For ancient Ainu people, Lyagushka cliff was a temple of wisdom and a place for holding rituals and the actual residual mountain was complemented with a stone structure of a dolmen type. There is a legend that this rock was the last resting place for a shaman lady from the Ushty tribe who had been countering evil spirits and had been a bearer of the clan’s information. Many of those who come here “try” her deathbed on hoping to get an answer or to acquire power for making wishes come true. 
On a slope of Lyagushka, there is a boulder called “Sphynx” and marked by a striking similarity to the Egyptian companion of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. 
It is believed that the area around Vestochka where the Zone is located is actually the energy center of Sakhalin, the “place of power”. A Place of Power is a geographic location the properties of which cause continuous and prominent changes in the observer’s psychosomatics. For this reason, Vestochka is the favorite place for meditations and pilgrimages of all kinds of researchers of the abnormal, members of various alternative health-improving and developing trends and simply curious people that are interested in self-cognition and understanding of nature. 
The energy level of this place is still high, but its activity peak happened in 1990-1996. Back then, ufologists observed a bioenergy column above Vestochka that reached far up. Especially gifted individuals reported something like a semispherical shuttle that descended from a spaceship remaining in the orbit. Some profess that they have even managed to communicate with the aliens.
Giant anthills (about 13 anthills within a 20-meter range) at one end of the path are located in the area of so-called Hartman lines’ exposure. 
They form a vast network on our planet producing powerful energy hubs. Today, 32 energy exposure points are known. As some tourists say, if you put your hands palm down in this place, you can feel a strong rising flow of bioenergy originating in Earth’s deep interior and if you raise your hands palm upward, you will feel the flow that descends from space (with a physical sensation of palm burning). There is a hypothesis that a temple complex is hidden somewhere in the valley, between the pyramid mountain and the hills. 
At the foot of Lyagushka, the Komissarovka River (popularly called Ayichka) carries its crystal-clear waters. The water here is said to possess healing properties and such a view can be scientifically supported. In the area of Vestochka, a deep fault runs in the Earth crust. Geologists record a sharp surge of magnetic variation in the field of the tectonic fault. It is related to the conditions of deposition and contacts of rock formations. The peaks of Susunaysky Ridge surrounding the Komissarovka river-valley are formed by crystalline rocks (quartzite), but Lyagushka, on the contrary, is composed of thickly cemented sandstones. The difference of energies in the rock types and existence of the fault together result in various space-and-time displacements — anomalies. It largely explains the healing properties of the Komissarovka River water of which is ferromagnetic — that is, strongly polarizes in the presence of a magnetic field.

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