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Sakhalin Oblast

Tyuleny Island

Остров Тюлений
Martin Ehrensvärd
Остров Тюлений
Martin Ehrensvärd
Because of its natural treasures, Tyuleny (“seal”) Island is considered a unique place and, consequently, declared a conservation area. It is not easy to get a chance to come here, for instance, to admire a rookery of northern sea bears whose headcount presently comes to over 80 thousand. The roar of these massive, yet surprisingly graceful animals can be heard several miles from the island. In summertime, great scores of sea bears rush here to breed. With a background of the first green leaves and summer warmth, babies are born. Because of their coloring, sea bear pups are popularly called black-coaters and ring seal pups are known as white-coaters. Only by October, the young sea bears’ coats acquire a pretty greyish-blue color and the white-coated ring seals become spotted.  
Tyuleny Island is also the Far East’s largest bird breeding grounds where several dozens of fowl species manage to live in the closest proximity to each other. On the island’s southern coast which is, by the way, rather small (mere 80 meters wide and 600 meters long), hundreds of thousands of guillemots, puffins and seagulls nestle on the plateau. The breeding grounds lie in just a few meters from the rookery of the marine pinnipeds. An infrequent guest faces the life of these animal clans in all its splendor: with a severe rivalry over power and possession of females in the harem, with motherly care and fatherly sternness that calls the babies to order… If you add the incredible beauty of the island’s vegetation the most astonishing representative of which is the unusual grass called “saltwort” that creeps on the cliffs and has seven varieties, it seems no wonder that people who work on Tyuleny Island feel heartbroken as they part with it at the end of each season. 
Many people dream of visiting this amazing place, yet such an opportunity is a rare peace of luck. 

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Address: Сахалинская область, юго-западная часть Охотского моря

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