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Samara Oblast , Samara

Stalin's Bunker Museum

Музей «Бункер Сталина»
Музей «Бункер Сталина»
Музей «Бункер Сталина»

Situated at a depth of 37 meters, Stalin's Bunker Museum is one of the most interesting and mysterious museums in Samara. The bunker was constructed in 1942 especially for the Commander-in-Chief of the USSR, Joseph Stalin, to be used in case the Nazis took over Moscow in the course of the Second World War, and it would be necessary to relocate the capital to the city of Kuibyshev (modern-day Samara). In 1990, the bunker was declassified.

Today, Stalin's Bunker is one of the largest bunkers in the world. A micro-climate is maintained inside. The air temperature is held constant at 19 degrees Celsius.  The bunker contains Stalin's private office with a multitude of false doors and secret exits.

Stalin's Bunker is by far the most interesting of Samara's landmarks for tourists, especially foreigners. It is most popular with Germans and Americans. An interesting story: during his visit to the museum, the son of Field-Marshal Rommel, mayor of the city of Stuttgart, politely declined a proposal to be photographed behind Stalin's desk. «I am afraid,» he joked, «that the owner might walk in on me». By the way, according to the opinion of Samara's «diggers,» Stalin's bunker is not the only one in the city.

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