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Samara Oblast , SHiryaevo

Shiryaevskie Мine Тunnels

Ширяевские штольни
Самарская область

The Shiryaevskie mine tunnels were dug into Popova mountain in the village of Shiryaevo. These limestone fields were first excavated before the Revolution of 1917. After that, the scope of excavation only grew.  Initially, limestones were burned into lime, and later, applications were found in the chemical industry. The fields are being excavated up to the present, but new tunnels have not been dug. Only the surface is now mined.  The old tunnels are accessible to visitors.

The Shiryaevskie mine tunnels make up a whole underground city with tunnel galleries through which a double-deck bus could easily drive. You can still see traces of the sleeper ties of the narrow-gauge railway, and here and there, you can find miraculously spared pieces of rail. Visitors can walk along the various rocks, where earlier entire mountains of limestone had stood.  Some of the rock piles are the results of landslides, so visitors must watch their step as they walk through this amazing underground world.

Tourism Information Center of Samarskaya Oblast /

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Address: Samarskaya oblast, Zhigulevsk urban district, Shiryaevo village

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