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Perm Krai

Kungur Ice Cave

Кунгурская ледяная пещера
Екатерина Носкова
Кунгурская ледяная пещера
Екатерина Носкова
Кунгурская ледяная пещера
Екатерина Носкова

The Kungur Ice Cave is a special symbol of Perm Krai. It reached the finals of the Seven Wonders of Russia contest. The unique natural monument is located on the right bank of the Sylva river just outside Kungur.

Kungur Cave got its second name from the many years of cold and ice crystals on the walls. Experts consider it to be the only gypsum cave in the world with extensive glaciation. Moreover, it is in the top ten longest gypsum caves of Russia, ranked fifth: its length is 5.7 kilometers.

There are 70 underwater lakes, and 146 so-called «organ pipes,» stalagmites, and stalactites of various sizes in the cave. There are also 48 grottoes, some with their own names: Diamond Grotto, Cross Grotto, Dante Grotto, Ruins Grotto, etc. The largest of them is the Geographer's Grotto, with a volume of 50,000 cubic meters.

In 2010, Kungur Ice Cave joined the International Show Caves Association. Interestingly, Kungur Cave is probably the first show cave in Russia. In the middle of the 19th century, nearby village residents showed the cave to interested people. And in 1914, A.T. Khlebnikov rented the cave from the local farming community, made arrangements for visitors, and developed routes. In other words, he started a professional tour guide agency. Khlebnikov himself became the first tour guide in Kungur Cave.

There are different show programs in the cave: Myths and Legends of the Ice Cave, sightseeing tours, New Year tours, and even an adventure tour, In Search of Ermak's Treasure.

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Address: Perm Krai, Kungur, Filippovka village

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