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Samara Oblast , Volzhskiy

Tsarev kurgan

Царёв курган

Tsaryov mound is located at Samarskaya Luka, on the left bank of the river, not far from the place where Soka flows into Volga. In June, 1391 khan Tamerlan stayed on its top after he defeated Tochtamysh by the Kondurcha river. In spring, 1722 Peter the Great stayed by the Tsaryov mound on his way to Persia. He made the wooden cross and pot it at the top of the mound. This cross hasn’t preserved until our days. The one you can see on the mound was installed there later. In 1824, the Emperor Alexander I visited the mound. According to one of the legends, the Tatar khan Mammon, who wanted to goup the Volga river and attack Russian cities, is buried in the mound. But he died (according to the other version, he was killed) there and his warriors brought the soil on their helmets and shields and made a hill that was 80 meters tall. Another legend connects the mound with Stepan Razin. It says that one of his hiding places was on the mountain, and two buckets with gold are buries on the slope. On the buckets, he put a charmed iron bar onto the buckets. Only the person who will get the buckets without touching the bar will be able to have the treasure. However, other legends say that the treasure is buried on the Lepyoshka mountain.

Sometimes, you can see the Tsaryov mound from the Lysaya mountain. However, it is not possible as the view of the mound is completely blocked by the Tip-Tyav mountain. The phenomenon can be explained by the hot air that rises from the mound and creates an illusion. The cross at the top of the mound crates an optical illusion as well. On some pictures it seems that the bars lay in different dimensions.

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Address: Россия. Самарская область, Красноярский район, посёлок городского типа Волжский

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