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Sakhalin Oblast , Vakhrushev

Nituysky Waterfall

The Nituy River runs into the Terpeniya (“patience”) Gulf after travelling through Poronaysk urban district of Sakhalin Region. The river originates to the north-east from Moldavskaya Mountain of Kamyshovy (“reed”) Ridge and is 83 km long. Novoye (“new”) settlement is located in the river’s mouth. After typhoons, the river can be considerably flooded. 

The waterfall at the Nituy River is the most powerful one in terms of the water flow. It is located in the middle reach of the river (about 10 km from Vakhrushev urban-type settlement, 1 km upstream from the influx of the right confluent, the Inya River, and 20 km from the river’s mouth), in a rocky gorge. Formerly, the waterfall reached 14 meters of height, but today it is cataract and consists of three steps. In terms of genesis, it is considered to be of a lythomorphic type. In its water flow, it is unrivalled throughout Sakhalin. The river valley here looks like a narrow rocky canyon for 2 kilometers. The waterfall and its neighborhood are a part of a compound natural monument of a regional significance that was organized on a 30 ha territory in 1990. In its beauty and power, Nituysky waterfall rivals famous Kivach in Karelia. The 1992 attempt to blow up the waterfall on the pretext of letting salmon pass to the riverhead ran up against serious opposition of the community.

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