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The Republic of Ingushetia

Traditional costume

Традиционный ингушский костюм
Республика Ингушетия
Традиционный ингушский костюм
Республика Ингушетия

The most expressive object of material culture of every nation is the clothing. Ingush clothes were diverse. Needs in clothing and tissues are satisfied by the local resource base, while at the same time, used and imported fabrics.

Every family knew how to sew. Men's clothes were austere and modest, well adapted to local conditions, and at the same time distinguished by simplicity and elegance that meet their ethical and aesthetic demands. The main elements of the male costume was a shirt, trousers, tunic, Chokha (Circassian coat), hat, shoes and weapons. Beshmet was casual clothes, Chokha was dressed to the special visits, to the mosque, village assemblies. From outerwear were felt cloak and coat of sheepskin. As a headdress worn by Ingush in winter was hat (eltar-kiy), summer hat (mangal-kiy).

At the beginning of the XX century began to wear hats, caps later. Footwear was varied – gaiters, slippers. Later there were boots (ikkash), and galoshes. Casual women’s clothes were shirt-dress (Koch) and pants (Sarban). The women festive costume was chukhi, which were made of silk, velvet and brocade. The attributes of Chukha were cap in the form of a truncated cone with gold and silver embroidery, and special corset with clasps and a belt of bronze and silver plates, decorated with engraving, grain, gold, semi-precious stones.

Women's headdress were varied – it was scarves, shawls, and also a special headdress (kurhars). Footwear consisted of soft morocco boots, and casual shoes. Shoes were made of rawhide and morocco, which confirmed the spread of leather crafts in Ingushetia.

Ingush women were different jewelry. They were made of copper, bronze and silver rings and glass beads.

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