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The Republic of Ingushetia

Ingush folklore

Ингушский фольклор
Республика Ингушетия

An important area of spiritual culture is folklore, which serves a valuable resource for learning the history of the Ingush people.

Historical events of the past, ideas about the world, the echoes of ancient religions, the knowledge that existed but had been forgotten, kept in the memory of the people in the form of stories, legends, myths, fairy tales, heroic and lyrical songs. In the works of folklore can be traced outlook, moral and ethical ideals of the people, various aspects of his life, the idea of right and wrong, justice and generosity, given people's rating of many events and human actions.

A special place in the Ingush folklore takes the Nart epos, which is a spiritual support, and to some extent predetermined the most common features of the national character, mentality and ethical and aesthetic ideals. The main heroes of Nart epos was: Kaloy Kant, Seska Solsa, Sela Sata, Malkha Aza, Khamchi Pataraz, Nyasar, Botkiy Shirtka, Pkhagal Byariy and others. The life of the main heroes of the epic, their aphorisms and moral norms, for the Ingush were a model of courage, bravery, loyalty, friendship, example of honesty and generosity. In Nart epos the Ingushes were attracted because of chivalry. With the epos educated the younger generation. The historical motives, in Nart epos, are further development in other genres of folklore. A major role in the folklore take heroic-epic songs (Illi). In these songs develop the theme of the national-liberation and social resistance.

At the end of the XIX early XX century appear abrecks songs, the heroes of which are the protectors of the people. The song repertoire was diverse. There was lyrical and lullabies, folk, humor, and plaintive songs. Each village had its own songwriters and folk singers, who were invited to the celebrations. They used the original musical instruments – three stringed violin with a bow arched, Dakhchan-pandar (Highland balalaika), later appeared harmonica on which played the girls. Most favorite dance was Lezginka. To observe order during the dance appointed manager toastmaster. Ingush dance had many types, but they are all different plasticity, grace, elegance and simplicity.

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