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The Republic of Ingushetia , Targim

Tower Complex Targim

Башенный комплекс Таргим
Александра Николаева
Башенный комплекс Таргим
Александра Николаева
Башенный комплекс Таргим
Александра Николаева

Targim is a large medieval tower castle settlement. It lies on the right bak of river Assa. There are 4 battle and more than two dozens of dual-purpose and residential towers with stone outbuildings here, all at different stages of decay. The battle towers rise for 30 meters into the sky.

In the past, the village was famous for its talented battle tower builders, experienced gunsmiths and dashing mounted warriors. According to a popular legend, in ancient times there lived in Egikal a particularly respected man named Alberd. He had a large family: three sons – Egi, Hamkhi, Targim, - and four daughters – Aiset, Baiset, Mislimat and Mislinat. Alberd was related to a noble Georgian family. Before his death, Alberd made a will, according to which the eldest son, Egi, got the father`s house, Hamkhi had to live in Khama and Targim on the right bank of Assa. After his father`s death, Hamkhi got married and settled on the place where now the village of Hamkji lies. Here, two versts south of Egikal, he founded a new settlement that was named after him. Hamkhi`s brothers and sisters helped him to build the place. Together, they built a residential tower and the necessary outbuildings. Then they came together to a home for Targim, the youngest and favourite son of Alberd. On the right bank of Assa, where the father prescribed, brothers and all their relatives built battle and residential towers. Having finished construction operations, Targim with his mother and sisters leaves the father`s house and moves to a new location, which later became known as the village of Targim.

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