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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The houses of Vyatka governors

The Kalinin merchantmen received a place for building a wooden house and two outbuildings on the south side of Spasskaya street on 22 August, 1792.

At the same time, the architect Philemon Roslyakov gave them the project and the plan of floors and the facade.

Being a fan of classicism, F.M. Roslyakov preferred strict rules by designing his estate layout and residential buildings. His project was not individual, but it wasn’t typical either. Roslyakov based himself upon the fundamental solutions developed earlier by reconstruction of the city of Tver after a fire and approved at the national level as standard.

Both the main house and its east wing were shown to be made of wood (apart from the west corner wing which was made of stone) in the town layout dated 1796. A special purpose was prepared for this house. In early years after building the merchants had to rent it for governors’ housing and in 1806 they had to sell it to the treasury.

Since that year, the house was considered to be the governor’s one. It was constantly repaired and renovated. In 1819-1820 the wooden corner wing was demolished and then the stone one was built upon the project of N. A. Andreevsky for the governor’s chancellery. In 1855, the complete reconstruction of the building according to the design by F.K. Yagolkovsky began. For various reasons, repairing continued for many years. In 1868, the house and the estate were given to the government zemstvo (country council) for the district court. Since that time, a new reconstruction according to the design by the St Petersburg architect Serebryakov began. The court didn’t need the extensive garden of the house, that’s why it was given to the urban society and leased to individuals.

The house is known for its eminent visitors. M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin and A.I. Herzen worked there as officials. In 1855 Alfred Nobel visited it twice during his journey from St. Petersburg to Ekaterinburg. The Emperor Alexander I, who was in Vyatka in 1842, also visited this estate and greeted the general public filling the entire governor’s garden (now named Apollo Park) four times from the balcony.

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Address: Kirov, Spasskaya street 20

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