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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The house of the Vyatka provincial chancellery secretary A.I. Perminov

Дом секретаря вятской провинциальной канцелярии А. И. Перминова
Центр развития туризма Кировской области

A two-storeyed stone house of the Vyatka provincial chancellery secretary Averky Ivanovich Perminov was built after the great fire on 20 July, 1752.

Most of the town was burnt. The house is situated not far from the trade square in the very beginning of the ancient Nikitskaya street and almost the only sign of the old trade quarter layout.

The layout of Perminov’s house doesn’t resemble a traditional three-part layout of a izba (peasant’s house). One can go through the rooms one by one. However, there are no stairs in the house. They were situated in the annexe which no longer exists. Its construction is archaic as well. It has narrow windows, the walls and ceiling are covered with cloth, linen and damask wallpaper. The house is situated aside of Nikitskaya street. There is a yard between the street and the house which is called “a front yard”.

The estate also included a household or «back yard” and a large garden with apple trees and small fruits extended as far as the river Zasora. Perminov’s house looked so in the 1780s. In 1781 it belonged to the first Vyatka namestnik (governor) Stepan Zhikharev. Leaving the town in 1785, the governor sold it to the treasury «for governors’ staying». However, governors lived here not for long, as the house was too uncomfortable. They made an attempt to adapt it to the new conditions. In 1804, F. M. Roslyakov made a retrofit project, but no governors stayed here because the house of the merchantmen Kalinin on Spasskaya street was purchased for them.

In 1808, Perminov’s empty house was bought by the prikaz (a governing body in the Russian state) of public charity to accommodate infirm, elderly people and young orphans, and at the same time for cloth factory. The factory was open but they had to stop unprofitable production. The house was in possession of the mayor Arshaulov and then bought to host a school. For more than a quarter century the school was placed here and its wooden annexes were built, destroyed and built again. In 1842, the urban society bought it for their needs.

According to the project of the architect E.K. Nyqvist, in 1903-1904, Perminov’s house was rebuilt and expanded by two three-storeyed side annexes. There were a pawn shop and a telephone exchange in the house.

After municipalization, in 1918, the house was sold to the city telephone station on a leasehold basis and it was located here until 1930.

In 1935, the Committee for the Protection of Monuments under the Central Executive Committee offered the Kirov City Executive Committee to enter Averky Perminov’s house, called «a Provincial House», into the list of monuments of architecture that are under local protection.

Currently, the second floor of the building is used for housing, the first one is leased by various companies.

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Address: Kirov, Spasskaya street 10

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