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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

House of Bechterev

Vladimir Michailovich Bechterev (1857-1927) is an outstanding Russian medical scientist and a psychiatrist.

He was born in Vyatskaya gubernia (province), Уelabuzhski uyezd (district), in the village of Sorali. He spent his childhood years in the village of Uni and in town of Glazov. In 1865 the Bechterevs moved to Vyatka and settled in a house made partially of stone in Kazanskaya street (now Kazanskaya street 65).

His scientific activity, which he began when he was a student, was fruitful and broad. He discovered a number of cellular structures (nucleus) and nerve bundles (pathways) in a brain, created the doctrine of the pathways of spinal cord and brain and of brain functions. He proposed a number of new methods of nervous and mental diseases treatment. He published about 600 scientific researches.

Apart fr om his research activities, V. M. Bechterev taught in Military Medical Academy and in women's medical and psycho-neurological institutes. He skillfully ran Psycho-neurological Institute and State Institute of the Brain created by him as well.

V.M. Bekhterev belonged to the progressive Russian intelligentsia. He advocated granting political freedoms to the people and democratization of school education in Russia. This great medical scientist used his talent and experience for forming and developing of Soviet medical science.

The house wh ere V.M. Bechterev lived was made partially of stone and built in the middle of the 19th century. There is a memorial plaque on the façade of this house. In 1962, the sloboda (a kind of settlement) Bogoslovskaya, which is in the northern part of Kirov, was renamed Bechtereva street.

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Address: Kirov Region, Kirov, Kazanskaya street 65

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