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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The house of merchant F. M. Ryasantsev

The house where the Russian writer and publicist Pavel Lukyanovich Yakovlev (1796—1835) lived was built in 1799 according to the project of region architect F. M. Roslyakov.

In 1820s the owner of the house was Alexander Egorovich Ryasantsev, heritors of whom possessed this house till 1874.

Since July, 1826 the author of the hand-written magazine Khynovsky watcher, translator and writer Pavel Lukyanovich Yakovlev rented an apartment in the house of A. E. Ryasantsev. For two years he made audits in the Vyatka land survey. In February, 1827 he finished audits and left Vyatka. Yakovlev published the picture of his apartment, the single known picture of Vyatka interior of 1820s, in one of the magazine issues.

All the next owners of the house (V. D. Klimenko, P. G. Tikhonov, T. E. Perminov) rented the apartments of the house for individual men and organizations. The Vyatka vice-governor D. I. Baturin rented the apartment in the house (until 1872). After him the house located a department of the Volga-Vyatka commercial bank, the painting workshop, residence hall of the gymnasium, photo studio of V. M. Repin, the Russian for foreign trade bank. In 1911 the house was bought by the State bank and in 1918 it was handed over to the local authorities.

The house of Ryasantsev is a monument of architecture of the end of XVIII century. It was built according to sample project selected by the commission of cities building out of a number of projects used when Tver had been reconstructed and signed by architect Ivan Leym. It was a project according to which you could built both wooden and stone house. An extra floor was added.

All survived stone houses in this part of Moskovskaya street were built according to projects of architect F. Roslyakov and formed an architectural complex of Vyatka regular street planning of the end of XVIII century.

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Address: Kirov, Moskovskaya street 28

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