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The Republic of Ingushetia

Lyazhgi Waterfall

Where the deep wooded gorge is narrowest the river Lyazhgi cut through the stone and created a 3-step 20 meter high waterfall. The ledge in the Lyazhgi`s riverbed is the result of the activity of a great glacier that filled the whole Armkhi valley in the distant geological past. This glacier made a deep and narrow valley. A smaller side glacier created a shallow valley, in which the Lyazhgi river originates. After the glaciers melted and retreated, the valley of Lyazhgi turned atop the main Armkhi valley. The former drops in steps into the latter. Those steps have subsequently formed the basis of the Lyazhgi waterfall.

The waterfall is especially beautiful at noon, when the sunlight penetrates to the bottom of the gorge and a myriad of tiny drops shine in a multi-colored rainbow. The Lyazhgi waterfall is a magnificent sight any time of the year, it influences positively both the physical physical and the emotional states of people. Tourists of all ages can reach it easily.

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