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Sakhalin Oblast

Tikhaya Bay

Бухта Тихая
Роман Гришанов , Агентство по туризму Сахалинской области
Бухта Тихая
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In Makarov district (130 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), there is an amazing place — the Tikhaya (“calm”) Bay. This entire section of the Sea of Okhotsk is protected from cold north and northeast winds; this is why it is so nice to relax, fish and admire sunsets and sunrises here in summer. Impressions from it are so memorable. Further, beyond the Cape Tikhy, steep costs and vertical cliffs up to 20-30 meters high begin.
The Tikhaya Bay is often not mapped, yet its name is familiar to the experienced tourists. The sand here lies only at the shore front, while the rest of the scenery is black-and-brown cliffs and huge rocks that tumbled down to the very edge of water long ago. They are a fusion of volcanic rocks that stick out of tight sandstone as large and small spheres.
A cliff island with a flat top and a wide, firm bottom is located. It was given a suitable name of Zametny (“noticeable”).
Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy of Sakhalin Region.

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