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The Republic of Ingushetia

Tower Complex Tsory

Tower complex Tsory (XV-XVI century) located in Trosy gorge, on the right bank of river Tsory-khi, on the high mountain ledge. There are 3 damaged battle and many dilapidated residential towers with additions and sepulchral vaults.

In the middle ages to the towers adjoined a stone defensive wall with arched gates, which can be locked from the inside, if it is necessary. Today, there is only the foundation stones from the defensive wall. Some buildings are interesting because you can see the tracery and solar symbols on their walls. In the middle ages Tsory, was an administration, political, culture and economic center of all Tsorynski society.

According to folk here lived ancestor of Mogushkov clan, famous woman-warrior, skilful rider, amazon – Mogushka, which “commanded the team from 63 healthy men and it haunt his boldness and audacity of fear and terror to the enemies”. During one battle with enemy Mogushka was fallen hero's death and was solemnly buried at the base of the above-ground tombs, which today is named as "Mogushka Kash", which translated into Russian means "Tomb of the Mogushka".

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