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The Ivan The Great Bell Tower of Moscow Kremlin

Колокольня Ивана Великого
Фотобанк Shutterstock
Колокольня Ивана Великого
Московский туристический портал
Колокольня Ивана Великого
Московский туристический портал

The Ivan the Great Bell Tower ensemble consists of the St. John Climacus Church and Bell Tower, the Assumption Belfry, and Filaretov's Annex.

The Assumption Belfry contains an exhibition space for the Moscow Kremlin Museum, and the Bell Tower is itself a unique monument shrouded in legend that is its own kind of museum. Multimedia projectors display images of the Kremlin from different epochs and from unrealized projects on the walls. In addition, visitors have access to a roundabout gallery which offers a panoramic of the Kremlin from a bird's-eye view. The exhibition is open only in the summer.

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Address: Kremlin

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