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Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya

Синагога на Большой Бронной
Московский туристический портал

A building of the synagogue was originally villa of famous Russian financier Lazar Polykov. In 1883 it part was reconstructed according to the Easter style under guidance of architect M.N. Chichagov and transferred to the synagogue. Noteworthy, that a secret underpass for rescue of Jews in case of possible massacres was constructed in the prayer hall.

The synagogue existed to 1950 of the past century in its original architectural appearance. In 1939, synagogue rabbi Moishe-Hayyim Gutenberg was shot, and the synagogue was closed. Later, the building was reconstructed and transferred to the Moscow Amateur Art House in 1952. In 1991, the building was returned to the Jewish community. Unit recently, reconstruction of the building was performed, and the synagogue in Bolshaya Bronnaya became one of the most modern due to this reconstruction - its external front is faced with smoked glass, and cupola above the Solemn Hall has a star shape.

Not only all Jewish ceremonies and prayers are performed in the synagogue in Bolshaya Bronnaya, but also kosher products are sold. Here, a whole museum with "Heroism Hall" and "memory Hall" is located at the 3rd and 4th floors. A lot of interesting exhibits relating canonists and Great Patriotic War heroes, as well as with history of Moscow Jewry, are represented. View of exhibits is accompanied with video and audio guide.

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Phone number: +7 (495)-695-4530
Address: 6, Bolschaya Bronnaya

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