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Historical Mosque

Историческая мечеть
Московский туристический портал

Moscow Historical Mosque was established in 1823 and it is the oldest one among the working mosques of the capital. According to data received from the correspondence of senior officials of Moscow of that time, there was a mosque in Moscow before the 1823 yet it became worthlessness in 1812 when the Napoleon's troops had taken the city. In autumn 1823, one-floor meetinghouse without minarets was built on the land of Moscow merchant of the first guild Nazarbay Alibaev the son of Khashalov by the Tatar Prayer Community based on the plan approved by the authorities. In June 1880, the Tatar Prayer Community headed by Moscow province leader Akhun Khajretdin Agiev and community leader Ibrahim Abdulla Khajrov Devishev had obtained permission from the Moscow Province Board for reconstruction of mosque according to new plan. The project had been executed by the architect G. Ivnitskiy. The building had been enlarged after reconstruction along eastern and westerns facades and minarets were erected above both extensions and a roof of the main mosque space. Capacity of the Historical Mosque (presumably, with consideration of basements, a yard and a neighbouring building of madrasa) was increased up to 1500 persons. The mosque was closed in 1939 and a minaret was dismounted.

Military registration and enlistment office was opened in the building, then a printing house and workshops. After the USSR collapse at the end of 80s – the beginning of 90s, the Muslims of Moscow, the elders and aqsaqals of the Tatar diaspora apply for return of the mosque to the religious persons.  In 1991 the mosque building was passed to the Muslim community. Ceremonial opening of the mosque had place in May
1993Moscow Historical Mosque carries out its religious and social activities being under legal and canonical leadership of Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of European Russia.

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Phone number: +7 (495) 951-84-48
Address: 28, Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street

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