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Yardyam Mosque

This mosque is the part of Spiritual and Educational Complex in Otradnoe District of Moscow. Shiite mosque 'Inam', Orthodox Church and synagogue form this complex. Its construction has commenced in autumn 1996 on initiative and at the expense of Charity Fund for the Tatar Spiritual
Heritage Development "Khilyal". Ceremonial opening of the mosque was in the 14th September 1997. The mosque was built under the project of R.Zh. Bayazitov. The mosque has two symmetric minarets 41.5 m in height, and cupola diameter is 26 m. This Moscow mosque may accommodate two thousand persons. There are special areas for praying allocated on semi-basement level, in the central hall and the gallery. A madrasa building (for 200-250 students), halal shop, shop of Muslim literature and attributes are in composition of the mosque complex. House of ritual services and café intended for charitable dinners and iftars work also in the complex.  


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Phone number: +7 (499) 903-60-88
Address: 8, Khachaturyana Street

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