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The Republic of Ingushetia , Lyazhgi

Tower Complex Khamyshki

Замковый комплекс Хамышки
Комитет Республики Ингушетия по туризму

Medieval tower castle "Hamyshki” located in the Dzheirakh gorge on the spur of the mountain. Ingush`s says: “Heat is the one who lives in the tower and cold to someone who does not have its generic tower."

If the most ancient buildings of the Ingush considered megalithic house-fortress, the next step was to build a massive 2-3 storey residential towers "Gala" with flat roofs. High of the residential towers was about 10 meters.  At the center of the tower was four-sided pillar of support. Residential towers can also be used as a fortress.

On the first floor usually kept the cattle, but not always – if conditions allow, cattle preferred to keep on distance. The second and third floors was residential. On the upper tier raised with the help of a ladder.

The heart of the residential tower was a hearth, over which hung a chain. There preparing food, have a family get together to discuss important issues. Hearth and the chain had a special significance - they revered as the most "live" place home. The higher was built residential tower, the narrower it became, in order to make the tower more stable.

Gradually residential towers became combat (viov). When the enemy attack the village, all residents rushed into the battle tower, which was an impregnable for the enemy`s. the battle towers was higher and narrower than residential towers. The entrance of the battle tower was on the second floor, this why the enemy`s cant using the rammer.

From the second floor through holes were ladder entrance to the first and upper floors. On the first floor were stored products and various essential items. Also there was a small prison for the captive.

The third, fourth and fifth floors have been the same as second floor. The fifth floor named “falcon of the tower” and it was battle floor. It preserved stones, bows, arrows, and later - the gun. Pretty big loopholes on the four sides of the tower were covered with stone machicolations. Battle Tower in height were slightly conical shape which gave them greater stability and has contributed to more successful repel enemies.


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Address: Republic of Ingushetia, Dzheirakh district

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