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Башенный комплекс Оздик
Республика Ингушетия

Medieval tower complex Ozdik placed on high, sleep sloop, in pine wood, nearby a small mountain river. Around Ozdik located are suitable for farming areas, pastures, spring waters, pine and oak forests, there is green carpet of grass underfoot. At summer time dozens of beekeepers come there for the melliferous herbs and flowers. The complex includes (of different reservation degree): One battle, 2 battle-residential, and 9 residential towers, with addition to the structure, surrounded by a defensive wall.

The central position in the village held a castle complex of battle, battle-residential and the residential towers. The battle tower is 6-storey, with a square base. At the height of the tower is 28 meters.

Great builders and hunters lived in Ozdik. The women`s were skilled dressmakers, masters of sewing with gold and silver threads. Each tower complex in the mountains of Ingushetia has its own history, legends and traditions, including Ozdik, and their own heroes-pioneers. Here you will hear the legend of Lame Timur, who in search of his missing son, dug a ditch from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.

According to legend, Barkim was one of the close of Timur in the Caucasus. There was discord between them. Over Barkim threatened, and he must escape at the night the Timur`s camp. For safety, he kidnapped the son of Timur and take him to the society of gialgiay (Ingush`s). Timur was sad, he spent many years in the Caucasus searching his son, sent messengers everywhere, promised great rewards, but the son did not find, then he went to the East. The Birmak was in safety, but the boy always was sad, then Bermak let him go. Timur's son found his father and reunited with him.

Barkim is married and stayed in the land of gialgiay. By barkim occurred Barkinhoev`s clan.


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