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The Republic of Ingushetia , Beyni

Mount Myat-Loam

Myat-Loam mount (Stolovaya, high is 3080 v.) It is of great interest to geologists, anthropologists and archaeologists. From this mountain, which located on the side of great ridge, you can simultaneously see the two-headed Elbrus in the west, ice cone of Kazbek in the south, and on the south-east of the highest point of the Hevsuretskogo ridge - Mahismagali (4048 m) - heaving ice pyramid Tebulos-mty (4493 m).

With the Myat-Loam mount linked many Ingush ancient legends and beliefs. By one of them a long time ago the giants lived there. At that time, the Supreme God Dyaly has Falcon of happiness - "Irazu ker". It was made of silver with golden eyes. The mother of one of the giants was greedy. She ordered to her son stole the Falcon of happiness. The Dyala was living on the pick of Kazbek. Obedient to the will of the mother the giant try to stole the bird. But the Dyala knew about it and he strike dead the giant by a lightning. At this time the giant was on Myat-Loam mount. Stroked by lightning, he fell on the mountain. Then the Dyala turned the giant to the stone. If in the fine weather look to the Myat-Loam from the side, there is clearly visible stone man who is stretched out on her.

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