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The Republic of Ingushetia

Legend of Bashloam

Mountains always occupied a significant place in the worldview of the Ingush. The cult of the mountains and the mountain peaks was one of the highlights of the religious beliefs of the mountaineers.

For Ingushs the center which around the composed epics, legends of all-powerful gods, heroes of the mountains were Bashloam(Kazbek, Cei-Loam(Gaikomd) and Myat-Loam(Stolovaya). According to the old Ingush legend to mountain Kazbek was chained the hero Parhmat (Prometheus). Legend has it Parhmat was a Nart – giant which stole fire for the people, this why gods punished him by chaining to a mountain with iron chains. But the punishment for Pharmat not over. Bird of prey flew to him every night and bite his heart.

The residents of the Gvileti village which located at the foot of the mountain, they every year sacrificed to their pagan gods.

Snowy peaks of Kazbek also played a prominent role in the spiritual work of the mountaineers. According to the Ingush religion, the peak of mountain was place of “Darza Nana” – the god “Mother of blizzard”. In the Ingush mythology Darza Nana hade seven sons, which leaved her and gone to the sky. This how build up the Big Dipper constellation. At the Darza Nanas hearth is lit unquenchable fire, she also has an inexhaustible bread and boiled mutton, which recover in its previous form after each meal. Goddess of blizzards inscribed on a snow cone of the Kazbek magic circle, which no one mortal dare to cross under the fear of death: Darza Nana will throw the daredevil in to the abyss and snow in. Thus, according to mythology, the gods do not allow people to climb to the pike of the Mount Kazbek, and such an act is unthinkable to death.


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