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The Dombay climate is mild and favorable, with no major temperature fluctuations. Filled with the scent of pine needles, the Dombay air is clean and fresh. It seems that you can drink this air, without ever getting your fill. The summer is full of fragrant alpine meadows.

The area enjoys 320 days of sunshine per year (much more than the alpine resorts in Europe). The Dombay summer is sunny but not hot. In the mornings and in the evenings it is cool, which is invigorating for the body and provides for a fast adaptation to the high altitude conditions. The winter here is snowy, with the snow cover reaching a height of 1.5-2 meters. It lasts at least four months, but the temperature in winter rarely exceeds 2-3 degrees below zero. It is frequently warm and there are days when the air in Dombay in the winter warms up to 18 degrees: this is just the time to sunbathe in the snow and the skiing.

Spring comes fr om the north. This capricious beauty is truly unpredictable: either we have nice sunny days and a warm aroma, or it suddenly turns cold.

The true Indian summer season is autumn. This is when Dombay has the greatest number of sunny days, and even when it is windy, the wind blows from the south. The Dombay climate is so favorable that people who have stayed here for a while are reluctant to return to the cities.

The small Dombay clearing is a compact site for hotels, both large and small, tourist hotels, climbing camps, horse rental sites, places to rent hiking and skiing equipment, the rescue service, etc.

There are 6 cable ways in Dombay that take you to a height of 3,000 meters above sea level. All of them are on the Moussa-Achitara slope, accessible by five chair-lift lines, a cable car line and several high-speed draglifts which operate in the height of the ski season. The chair-lift lines extend to 6,800 meters. The jig-back aerial tramway is 2,100 meters long. Four draglift lines are 200 meters long each, and the fifth is 750 meters long.

The resort has several snow groomers for preparation of the ski slopes. The ski slope is 7,000 meters long. It starts at a level of around 3,000 meters and ends at the Dombay clearing, a vertical drop of almost 1400 meters. The total length of ski tracks on Mussa-Achitara is 38,000 meters.

Pilots take the most experienced fans of extreme sports to ski on the pristine slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. It features 10 tracks of various levels of difficulty, each about 8 kilometers long.

Dombay offers helicopter rides, hang-gliding or paragliding flights.

Visitors to Dombay can hire snowmobiles and ATVs. There are rental shops and small, cozy cafes all along the Moussa-Achitara slope. Small markets selling local crafts can be found on the Dombay clearing and the Moussa-Achitara slope. Local masters make original, exclusive knitwear of wool and down, offering a very wide range of products. Here you can buy a variety of souvenirs and true works of art.

A well-developed network of shops and cafes offers a wide range of goods and dishes. It is important to mention that all the structures fit very well into the landscape of the Dombay clearing, as well as the tiny village with a romantic name Pikhtovy Mys («Silver Fir Cape»), wh ere the locals live.

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Address: Dombay settlement, Karachai Municipal District

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