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The monument "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier"

Памятник на Могиле Неизвестного солдата
Мария Щербакова
Памятник на Могиле Неизвестного солдата
Мария Щербакова

The monument at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (architects – Budrin D.I., Klimov V.A.) was opened on May 8, 1969. It is installed in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin wall on Manezhnaya Square, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the defeat of the German fascist troops near Moscow. Magnificently austere architectural and sculptural composition made ​​of valuable rock. Through the territory of the Alexander Garden, along the Kremlin wall from the Arsenal Tower in the direction of the cave, stretched a site with three stages of polished gray granite. In the central part of memorial area there is a tombstone on trimming, which consists of large blocks of red polished granite. Beneath it lie the remains of an unknown soldier who died during the severe winter of 1941 at the 40th kilometer of the Leningradskoe highway. On the plate there is a symbolic sculptural composition of bronze: on the flag, dropping down in heavy folds, branch of laurel and a soldier's helmet. In front of the monument there is a five-pointed star, casted in bronze. It is located in square field tiled with slabs of polished labradorite.

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Address: Aleksander garden, Manezhnaya square

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