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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Ytyk-Kyuel

The «Tatta» Ytyk-Kyol literary and art museum preserve

Ытык-Кельский литературно-художественный музей-заповедник «Таатта»
Ытык-Кельский литературно-художественный музей-заповедник «Таатта»

The Ytyk-Kyol literary and art museum preserve «Tatta» has been created at the initiative of the aksakal of the Yakut culture, the National writer of Yakutia D.K.Sivtsev-Suorun Omolon. The museum was opened in 2001. Objects of the museum are located on the bank of the small river of Tatta in the town Hadaayy near the village of Ytyk-Kyol — the center of the Tattinskiy district. The museum preserve is devoted to five outstanding representatives of the Tattinskiy district: to founders of the Yakut literature, outstanding writers A. I. Sofronov, N. D. Neustroyev, A. E. Kulakovsky, first Yakut professional artist I. V. Popov and soloist of the Yakut theater A.I. Egorova.

Among objects of the museum there is a yurta where A. E. Kulakovsky was born; the summer house of parents of A. I. Sofronov, a native yurta of A. I. Egorova recreated in 2001 a buffoonery of the artist I. V. Popov, the first in Ytyk-Kel school of the diploma opened in 1883 by the archpriest Dimitrian Popov; The Ytyk-Kyol Church of the Transfiguration recreated in the reserve in 1996; Olonkho's urasa and Olonkho's yurta. In the museum the art gallery is formed today. In the hall where along with historical material Ivan Popov's pictures, and also some other Yakut artists are exposed (A. N. Osipov, P. Dobrynin, E. Vasilyev, T. Stepanov, Yu. Golikov, I.I. and G. I. Popov, I. Pestryakov, etc.). All these works are designed to open more stoutly heritage of classics of the Yakut literature, to embody the great humanistic idea of the epos-olonkho, to reflect a contribution to the Yakut culture of sons of the Russian people.

Relying on professional art, the museum connects history and present time. In a constant exposition of the museum the materials devoted to Anempodist Sofronov-Alampa (1886-1935), who was arrested in 1927, condemned on «business of confederationists» and sent to the Arkhangelsk region. In one of halls of the museum there's an exhibition devoted to the initiator of creation of the museum Suorun Omollon settles down.

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Phone number: +7(41152) 42220 факс (41152) 42707
Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Tattinskiy district, Ytyk-Kyuyol village, 5, Oktyabrskaya street

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