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Vladimir Oblast , Cocks

Rooster Museum

Rooster Art Museum was opened in 1997. It is made in the form of a small fairytale town with its streets, alleys and squares.

Residents of the town are museum exhibits. In the museum on the canvases of artists, you can see diverse cocks, with their strong personality. This is cock-fire, cock-evil, a rebel, a braggart, a giant, a polygamist, a handsome cock. Cocks from glass, crystal, clay, wood and other materials are produced by out masters of decorative and applied arts.

There is a magical coop in the fairy-tale town. Cocks will award best visitors with the execution of the desire.

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Phone number: +7 (49243) 2-19-80
Address: Vladimir region, Petushinskiy district, Sovetskaya square, 3

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