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Vladimir Oblast , Vyazniki

Museum of songs of the XX century

The museum of songs of the XX century was opened at the turn of two centuries in the ancestral home of the family Fatyanova, which is located in the center of the city Vyaznik. Father of Alexis Fatyanov — Ivan Nikolaevich Fatyanov built the house at the beginning of the XX century. the ground floor included a Fatyanov's trading house, while the second set the city's first home theater system. In 1918, the house was nationalized; from 1922 until 1929, Fatyanov family lived in this house.

The facade of the building looked on the Cathedral Square. The house was the center of cultural life of the city. In subsequent years, Fatyanov family was forced to leave the city and during the Soviet era, the house was occupied by different organizations: local Library, local House of Culture, a telephone exchange station. For some time the house was neglected. Initiative group was established; it included cultural workers, historians, and all those who cherish the name Fatyanov. Due-to the order of the city Mayor in the reconstructed building the Museum of the Song of the XX century was opened.

The Museum consists of a living room, Small Hall (Memorial) and the Large Hall. Every year, adding its collection, the Museum creates a variety of exhibitions on the theme of Russian art song of the XX century.

Halls of the Museum of Song accept meetings with well-known performers, concerts, festivals, competitions and presentations.

The museum was created for the glory of song culture of the Russian people, it units from all over the country singing documents, testifying the glorious pages of the history of the singing art. The museum is a member of the Association of Museums of Russia and is ready to cooperate with everybody who walks through life with a song!

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Address: Vyazniky, Pushkinskaya str., 7

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