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Tula Oblast , Epifan

Museum of Russian Merchants’ Life

Музей купеческого быта в поселке Епифань
Министерство культуры Тульской области
Музей купеческого быта в поселке Епифань
Министерство культуры Тульской области
Музей купеческого быта в поселке Епифань
Министерство культуры Тульской области
Музей купеческого быта в поселке Епифань
Министерство культуры Тульской области
“Museum of Russian Merchants’ Life” is situated in the estate that used to belong to one of the famous Epifan’s merchants — Anton Baibakov. After revolution his house was given under a state control. In different periods a hospital and a pharmacy situated there. In the 90th years of the last century Russian government adopted a law on restitution of property to the rightful owner. And Nadezhda Klimova, a descendant of Baibakov, sold the estate to the State Museum-Preserve “The Kulikovo Field”. 

The house occupied an important place in the life of a merchant. Today our guests can get acquainted with the traditional living quarters of the merchant’s house. The “Merchant’s Living Room” was the biggest and the lightest room of the house. Hosts could host guests in that room. Old furniture and dishes, a camera and an accordion, clocks and a letter of commendation, all that merge together without style and time in exposition.

The “Study” was done of one of the rooms in the merchants’ house where he worked. In this room the merchant counted profits, planned business trips and maintained different business notes and accounts. There were special recommendations for the design of this study. It needed to be well lit and the windows looked out onto the garden or orchard, in order to avoid the noise that might come with other areas of the property. The furniture included a large writing table, bookcases, sofas and armchairs. Sometimes the design was supplemented with a nightstand or bedside table, a candlestick and a clock.  Russian merchants liked to use all the possibilities for saving money. That’s why they used adjoining territory of the house for construction of shops. One of traditional merchants’ shops our guests can see in as a part of the museum. 

The  “Merchant’s Shop” is one of the most interesting expositions of the museum. As far as the 19th century, merchant’s estate consisted of a dwelling house, a store and a cellar. Museum continues that tradition, so today tourists can visit a real merchant’s shop and even buy some souvenirs there. Variety of goods and playing program “Being a guest of Baibakov” will help you to feel yourself in the 19th century, to understand traditions of Russian merchants and to feel the spirit of Russian hospitality. In exhibition you will be acquainted with locksmith's work, food, dishes, souvenirs, small wares, harness and many others goods. Besides goods, the exposition will acquaint us with monetary unit of those times, with prices and trade relations between towns. 

The “Store Cellar” is the exhibit of tare, measures and weights used in the end of the 19th century. Such kind of cellars is still widely used in villages and in small towns to keep vegetables and food for the winter. In cellar tourists will see the way people stored food, alcohol, meat and vegetables at 18th century. Also they will be acquainted with different types of weights. 

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Phone number: +7 (48735) 7-22-65
Address: Tula region,Kimovsk district, Epifan village, 8, Kimovskaya st.
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