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The Republic of Kalmykia , Elista

Chess City

Chess City is an area with a special status. It comprises social, cultural and recreational objects. The area was created by architects S. Kurneev, L. Amninov, A. Boschaev.

The city was built for the 33rd World Chess Olympiad in Elista. Its central object is a Chess Palace resembling a tent, where the before-mentioned Olympiad and the 69th FIDE Congress took place.  This is a 5-storey building with the area of 6182 square km, including gyms, a cafe, a conference room and offices).

On the territory of the Chess City there is a hotel complex, Square of Kaissa — the goddess-patroness of the chess, water park and other social and cultural objects. 

 On the central avenue a Golden Crown is placed, it was titled «Yoryal» («a good wish») by its sculptor V. Vaskin.

 Chess City is decorated with original compositions created by the participants of the International symposium of sculptors «Planet Caissa» in 1998.

 In the halls of the Palace various exhibitions function. An interesting exposition of the Chess museum is also here.

 On the territory of Chess City a small Orthodox church is situated. Church admits 100 people, it is wooden, constructed in the traditional Russian cross-dome style. The temple bears the name of St. George.

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Address: Элиста, АТО «Город Шахмат»

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