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Sverdlovsk Oblast

Olenii Ruchii Nature Park

Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»
Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»
Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»
Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»
Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»
Природный парк «Оленьи ручьи»

Olenii Ruchii (Deer Streams) is the most popular nature park in Sverdlovsk Oblast: it's visited by more than 50,000 people every year. The tourists are attracted by the beautiful forests, the crystal clear Serga River, the many picturesque rocks, grottoes, and caves. Olenii Ruchii is a favorite place of Yekaterinburg residents to spend the weekend.

The park has pedestrian routes, the Lesser Ring at 6 km long and the Greater Ring at 15 km long. Another pedestrian itinerary stretches for 18 km: it includes a visit to the Mitkinsky Mine that operated in the 18th-19th centuries. It's a kind of an open-air museum — you can still view mining an enrichment equipment here. There is also a genuine beaver dam nearby.

Olenii Ruchii has a great many must-see attractions. For instance, there is one of the biggest caves in the region, the Druzhba (Friendship) Cave. Its passages extend to about 500 meters. The cave was first described in 1886 by B. Baranovsky, a doctor fr om the Nizhneserginsky factory settlement. He also gave the cave its name according to the inscription near the entrance. Despite its name, the cave appears anything but friendly. It is cold and dark all year round. The accessible part of the cave constitutes only a few dozen meters only. The passage is then blocked by a several-meters deep chasm with a stream at the bottom. One should take extra care ere. Not far from the Friendship Cave is the Bolshoy Proval (Big Sinkhole), which formed when a huge cave collapsed. There is ice at the bottom throughout the summer months. The Proval is more than 30 meters deep.

One of the most well-known objects in the natural park is the rock Dyrovaty Kamen (Holed Stone). Over time the water of Serga River washed out enough rock to form a rather large arch. This is from wh ere the rock got its name. Recently the park staff performed a kind of rebranding and they named the rock Drinking Horse. The rock Pisanitsa on the bank of the Serga River is also worth a visit. Here, 3 meters above the water level, there are Stone Age rock paintings. One of the paintings depicting a deer became the park's official emblem.

At Olenii Ruchii, atop the rock called Utoplennik (Drowned Man) there is a monument «The Angel of Sole Hope». The project's author is the Swedish artist Lehna Edwall. Her idea is that the figures of seven angels placed in different parts of the world will embrace the planet, protecting it from fear, despair, and disasters. There is a belief that if you make a wish near the monument, it is sure to come true.

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