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Sverdlovsk Oblast

Chertovo Gorodishche

Чертово Городище
Свердловская область

A geomorphological, botanical and archaeological natural monument, Chertovo Gorodische is 20-meter-high butte made of granite. In the Iron Age, sacrifices were peformed here. The granite constituting the rocks (volcanic in origin) was formed about 300 million years ago.

On the north, the Gorodishche is an unscalable wall. On the south side, the rock is not so steep and it is possible to climb it as if it were a staircase.  The cliffs at Chertovo Gorodishche have odd shapes: these rocks have been compared to the dragon's teeth, stone forests, and even the beehives. On the whole, it can seem that Chertovo Gorodishche is composed of flat plates, but this is an illusion created by the strucutre of the stones.

Chertovo Gorodishche rocks are used to train mountain-climbers. Climbing routes at different levels of complexity have been laid out there. The routes for beginners as a rule start from the settlement Iset, just four kilomaters away from Gorodishche.

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