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The Republic of Ingushetia , Targim

Targim Basin

The Targim basin – is the ancient cradle of the Ingush people. Along time ago, even in the Neolithic settled here warlike tribe Ghalghai. Over time, and getting stronger in this unique natural basin, Ghalghai spread his name and influence on the inhabitants of the nearby canyons.

Along time ago in mountains of Ingushetia lived a warrior Elbert. He had three sons: Egi (elder brother), Khamkhi (middle brother), Targim (little brother). First, they all lived together, but then they separated. The elder son Egi said: “Here is good climate, so I will stay here” – and he settle in Egikal. The middle son said: “I will climb on that slope, there is always shiny and a large meadow, where guest can ride his horse”. And he laid the tower complex Khamkhi. The little son was good horseman, he said: “I will settle down on the other side of the river”. He passed the river and on the right bank of the Assa river he laid the village Targim. Today Targim clan have many family’s: Malsagovy, Bekovy, Chopanovy, Oskanovy, Leizovy, Gasarovy, Ozievy, Garkazhevy, Tutaevy, Chabievy, Kulbuzhevy, Gorbakovy, Ugurchievy, Temurzievy, Archakovy, Sultygovy, Ganievi and others.

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