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The Republic of Ingushetia , Lyazhgi

Tower Complex Lyazhgi

Lyazhgi – is big tower complex in Dzheirakh gorge, located on the right bank of the river Armkhi, on a steep mountain slope. According to folk etymology, the name Lyazhgi came from the Ingush word "lyazhg" - so called leather bag for storing grain. This title has received settlement because the land it gave good yields – from a small piece of land take the "thigh" of grain.

There are five powerful castle complexes in Lazhgi, each of which had a battle tower. In the village remained a slender 30-meter 6-storey battle tower of Khutiev clan. A unique feature of the tower is the presence of four-sided stone corbel arch, not only on the 2nd and 6th floors, but in addition, and on the 3rd. It`s make the tower stronger, and increased its defense. Other towers were 5-storey, with flat roof and parapet. According to legend, a 30-meter Khutiev`s tower was erected by the famous Ingush builder Khano Khing. That's how it was, "Once upon a time there lived a man Khano - a skilled builder of battle and residential towers. He have a son Khing, who learned from his father how to build the towers. When they build another tower they start dispute: who is more skilled.

“Accept, - said the father, -Hutievy from the village Lyazhgi asking to erect them the battle tower. All you need for this, they have prepared and give sixty cows. Go and build them the tower, and I will stay in Khyani, I will erect another one battle tower, when we finish work, will see who is skillful”. Khing went to the village Lyazhgi, and he decided to build a tower better than he had ever seen. And the work started. Khing engaged in the preparation of binder mortar, he had his own special secret, known only to him. Assistants prepare the stones and bring them to the place of construction. Khing build the battle tower with two stone arches. When Khing put the final capstone, his father Khano come to Lyazhgi to check son`s work. He inspect the tower outside and inside, checked the solution, and said to his son: "You beat me and there is no builder better than you!".

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