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The Republic of Ingushetia , Beyni

Tower Complex Beyni

Beyni tower complex stands on the southern slope of the Table Mountain. It includes 8 heavily damaged residential towers with various outbuildings and defensive walls made of stone.

Sprint to late autumn, the entire Beyni settlement slope is covered with green carpet of motley grasses. Nearby, there are lush pastures, hayfields, cold and clear springs. From the ancient times the locals have been breeding cattle.

According to a folk legend, wh ere beyni now stands there once was the settlement of Yoarkhache, which means “weeds”, and living there were Gam-nackan, which stands for “tribe of the witches.” Gam-nackan were cruel and cunning.

Nobody could live in peace while they were there. Their main occupations were looting and robbery. Gam-nackan stole cattle from the neighboring tribes; they had 63 mounted warriors to wage war and raid around the region.

The highlanders tolerated the outrageous behavior of the witch people for a long time. But the day came when the neighbours grew too tired of their guile, and they decided to uproot the strong clan of robbers. Hiding their true intentions, brothers Dzarakh, Marzbik and Shovkal from the Falkhan village invited Gam-nackan men to a feast and poisoned them.

Only two men of clan survived, they were away when the feast took place. Gam-nackan`s spine was broken and the remaining women and children left these places.

Thus vanished the Yorkhache village, and eventually the area was developed with the Beyni settlement. Old-times say that the village got its new name from the killed Gam-nackan people, since “Beynarash”, which sounds close to Beyni, means “dead”, and the neighbouring village became known as Kashieti, place of their burial.

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