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Stavropol Krai , Kislovodsk is a city resort

Mountain the Ring «Kolcso» in Kyslovodsk

The «Ring» Mountain is located in vicinities of the resort city of Kyslovodsk. It is a magnificent creation of the nature. There are a lot of caves in its spurs, among them the ring also was formed. It is a result of aeration and moisture action. The «Ring» Mountain is a bright nature sanctuary, and also one of the objects of the memorial legacy of Mikhail Lermontov.

Near the Mountain there are galleries with the niches which are divided by the columns. In a cave which is nearby, there is the inscription devoted to Lermontov. Writers assume that this inscription was left by the close friend of the poet.

This place always attracts the tourists. It is possible to climb the mountain to see the landscape of Kyslovodsk.

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Address: Russia, Stavropol region, resort city of Kislovodsk, a highway Kislovodsk-Karachaevsk

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